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  • 1839 -- Presidents Range -- Kelley
    In the 1830s Hall J. Kelley proposed naming the volcanoes of the Cascades the "Presidents Range", with each of the peaks bearing the name of a U.S. President. This quotation from Kelley's 1839 Memoir appeared in the March 1917 edition of The Quarterly of the Oregon Historical Society. Annotations are from the author, Fred W. Powell.

  • 1843 -- Presidents Range -- Farnham
    This version is Thomas J. Farnham's version, as given in his 1843 publication "Travels in the Great Western Prairies, The Anahuac and Rocky Mountains, and in the Oregon Territory".

  • 1845 -- Presidents Range -- Hastings
    This version is Lansford Hasting's version, as given in his 1845 publication "The Emigrants Guide, to Oregon and California ... ". Annotations are interpreted from Hall J. Kelley's map "Territory of Oregon".

  • 1912 -- Nomenclature of Northwest Mountains -- Himes
    Excerpts from an article appearing in the October 1912 edition of Mazama, written by George H. Himes, which gives explanations for the naming of the major peaks of the Cascade Range. The article also refers to Hall J. Kelley's "Presidents Range".


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