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Ensign Manuel Quimper

Map of the "Northwest Coast of North America -- Strait of Juan de Fuca"
which includes Mount Baker and the Cascade Range.
(Published in 1790)

Detail from: Map of the "Northwest Coast of North America -- Strait of Juan de Fuca" -- Plano del Estrecho de Fuca reconocido por el Alferez de Navio de la Rl. Armada Dn. Manuel Quimper: en la Espedición que hizo con la Balandra de S.M. de su mando nobrada la Princesa Rl. en el año de 1790 (1790) -- the map identifies coastal features in Spanish along the Straits of Juan de Fuca including the Canal de Lopez de Haro

"La gran montana del Carmelo"
"Sierras nevadas de S. Antonio"

According to the U.S. National Park Service, North Cascades N.P. (2002): "The Spanish were the first to record Mount Baker's existence although they, quite possibly, were not the first whites to see the mountain. In 1790, Ensign Manuel Quimper of the Spanish Navy set sail from Nootka, a temporary settlement on Vancouver Island, with orders to explore the newly discovered Strait of Juan de Fuca. Accompanying Quimper was first-pilot Gonzalo Lopez de Haro who drew detailed charts during the six-week expedition. Although Quimper's written journal of the voyage makes no reference to the mountain, one of Haro's manuscript charts includes a sketch of a prominent peak in the area of Mount Baker."

"La gran montana del Carmelo" (Mount Baker)

-- Detail section of Quimper's Map showing today's Mount Baker ("La gran montana del Carmelo"),
from: University of Washington Library Archives Map#UW152.
"Sierras nevadas de S. Antonio" (Cascade Range)

-- Detail section of Quimper's Map the Cascade Range ("Sierras nevadas de S. Antonio"),
from: University of Washington Library Archives Map#UW152.

Map source: "Early Washington Maps: A Digital Collection" Website, 2007,
Washington State University and the University of Washington,
Map #UW152


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