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Living With Volcanoes

Throughout History:
  • The Volcanoes of Lewis and Clark
    Take a tour down the Columbia River with Lewis and Clark ... Lewis and Clark were on the Columbia River between October 1805 and June 1806 ... during those months they saw FIVE volcanoes and even gave Mount Jefferson it's name ... this site has lots of old maps and images and postcards!

  • Volcanoes and History
    Volcano Names ... Historical Maps and Journals ... The Volcanoes of George Vancouver ... The Volcanoes of Lewis and Clark ... Journal excerpts ... 1800s Eruptions ... MORE ...

Legends, Mythology, and Movies:

Tourism and Recreation:
  • Visit a Volcano
    Visit the volcanoes of the Cascade Range and elsewhere ... Includes volcanoes and "points of interest" information, location maps, and and recreation, lodging, and weather. Also includes link to "VolcanoCams" from around the world!

  • Climb a Volcano
    Climb a Volcano and "Picnic at the Top"

  • The "Plus Side" of Volcanoes
    Volcanoes and the Economy ... Volcanoes can be beneficial to folks, not only in improving agriculture or as an energy source, but also economically in business opportunites and recreation and tourism ... includes Fertile Soils, Geothermal Energy, Mineral Resources, Industrial Products, Business Opportunities, Spas and Resorts, Recreation and Tourism

  • What To Do if a Volcano Erupts
    Includes information courtesy American Red Cross and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

  • Educational Outreach
    "Living with a Volcano in your Backyard", an Educator's Guide, FAQ's, Terminology, Information for Future Volcanologists, Activities and "Fun Stuff", Posters and Videos, Special Features

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