Computer Software

Conflow: A numerical program for conduit flow and thermodynamics

by Larry G. Mastin (U.S. Geological Survey) and Mark S. Ghiorso (University of Washington)

The program Conflow calculates flow properties in eruptive conduits as well as thermodynamic, physical, and solubility properties of melts and melt-gas-crystal mixtures.  The input properties of the melt are illustrated below.

Click on a command button ( sample button) in the image below to see what it can do.

solubility viscosity thermoprops conduitmagma composition


Model documentation (USGS Open-file Report 00-209)

Executable program for Windows 95/98/NT (2.5 Mbytes)

readme file (ASCII text, 1 kb)

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05/03/01, Lyn Topinka and Larry Mastin