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Mount Hood, Oregon

Image, Mount Hood
Mount Hood, Oregon, as seen from timberline.
USGS Photo taken ca.1985 by Lyn Topinka.
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Mount Hood Volcano

Points of Interest

To Get There

For the general public, Mount Hood is perhaps the most accessible and preeminent of Oregon's volcanoes, located only 75 kilometers east-southeast of Portland, Oregon. It is the highest peak in the state (3,426 meters [11,239 feet]) and one of the most often climbed peaks in the Pacific Northwest. In summer, Mount Hood's timberline wilderness is a pastoral garden for backpackers. In winter and spring the volcano's slopes host several downhill ski runs and cross-country tracks.

U. S. Highway 26 crosses the south flank of Mount Hood, and Oregon Highway 35 meets it along the east side. Numerous paved or graded roads provide further access. A hiking trail encircles the volcano, much of which is protected within the Mount Hood Wilderness, part of the Mount Hood National Forest.

-- Excerpt from: Sherrod, 1990, IN: Wood and Kienle, 1990, Volcanoes of North America: United States and Canada: Cambridge University Press, 354p.

Location Maps
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Major West Coast Volcanoes - Washington, Oregon, and California

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Mount Hood and Vicinity, Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington

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Mount Hood and Vicinity

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