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Lahar Hazards at Concepción Volcano, Nicaragua

-- J.W. Vallance, S.P. Schilling, G. Devoli, and M.M. Howell, 2001,
Lahar Hazards at Concepción Volcano, Nicaragua U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 01-457

Concepción is one of Nicaragua's highest and most active volcanoes. The symmetrical cone occupies the northeastern half of a dumbbell-shaped island called Isla Ometepa. The dormant volcano, Maderas, occupies the southwest half of the island. A narrow isthmus connects Concepción and Maderas volcanoes. Concepción volcano towers more than 1,600 meters above Lake Nicaragua and is within 5 to 10 kilometers of several small towns situated on its aprons at or near the shoreline. These towns have a combined population of nearly 5,000. The volcano has frequently produced debris flows (watery flows of mud, rock, and debris -- also known as lahars when they occur on a volcano) that could inundate these nearby populated areas. -- Vallance,, 2001

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